Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ouch and Yay

Was in a fight the other day.
Who would have thought, eh?

Thankfully, the injuries were slight. Just a sprained ankle and a gashed elbow.
Although I felt the sprain after the fight, I actually ignored for a few minutes, drove home with it, and made the big mistake of showering after getting home rather than making sure the sprain is warmed up and kept wrapped.

So now it hurts like frigging hell and I am forced to hobble around the room like a decapitated chicken.

The reasons behind the fight are irrelevant for now.
But the possibility of misinformation does exist. So to all my friends, family, etc, if you hear anything concerning me that sounds "out of character" or "wrong" within the next few days or so, just bear in mind it could be spiteful words being passed around against me by someone who used to be my friend.

Why the defensiveness in this post?
Why not just say who did what and whether or not that person can be trusted, etc?

Because deep down I still believe that person can realize the wrong things that person keeps doing, and make a truly notable effort to change. And apologize.

People deserve second chances.

Or third ones.

My Panda Bear was actually "present" in the fight. She showed up at the perfect moment to calm me down and remind me to rein my temper in. After I moved to intercept two friends (again, me doing this... what's with that?) who were clearly about to get into a fistfight of some sort, I was inadvertently shoved backwards, off-balanced, and ended up landing on my right arm, scraping my elbow. At that time, I failed to notice I had sprained by ankle as I fell. It was clipped the "wrong way" against the street. I remain thankful I didn't see it happen. One of those watching the fight did though. Sakit daw ng hitsura.

And I got pissed.

Leapt up, threw two punches, then realized I might do worse, grabbed the other by the hands and pinned him against a wall. And just when tempers were flaring and I was almost on the verge of no longer caring-

A sudden downpour of cold strong rain.

Yep. My Raine appeared at the right moment to calm me down.
People watching the fight scattered away to hide from the downpour. One friend of mine ran into the scene to pull the other one I was fighting with away. And there I was, like some action hero ready for his close-up, just standing in the downpour and slicking my hair back.

I love you sweetie. Even an ocean apart, you're ready to wake me back into focus and calm.

On the other hand, today marks a very special day.
I hope my Panda Bear Isha forgives me for posting this papazzari shot of hers with a mystery man who covers his own face with a camera. (Hmm... hehehe, joke! Biro lang Lem!)

Does anyone know if the supposed reunion Eheads concert is for real? And how one can get tickets in advance. My sweetie is determined to watch if it is real and will travel back home to see if once I get the tickets. So if anyone out there can help me out, do raise your hand and PM me asap!

What began at LOVE IS IN THE FAIR back in Feb 14, 2006 is once again celebrated today in both Vancouver and Manila.
Happy 2 years and 5 months love.

I love you so much sweetie! Even if you were able to finish Final Fantasy XII much sooner than me (Heck, I am still working my way through Giruvegan.

I'll see you soon.

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