Monday, July 14, 2008

Final Fantasy Versus XIII 13 Extended Trailer Footage .
New footage of Final Fantasy Versus XIII 13 FFXIII FF13 ... FFvXIII FFv13 ... I have no idea how to properly shorten this, but it was as I believe posted on Gametrailers about 24 hours ago, thanks to Dengeki. Either way, Square Enix seems to have decided that this game can be a bit bloody, and just generally look cool. So far I am still not convinced that these are actual gameplay footage though, so I won't go and be like 'The Sony Playstation 3 or PS3 Makes It All Possible'. But it still looks fantastic. Check it out.

Wanted my Panda Bear to see this!
Happy 2 years and 5 months, sweetie!


  1. Heya Tobie. That's definitely not in-game video but you can expect shitloads of cut scenes of that quality. It's not a question of all the data you can cram into a blu-ray disc but rather the dynamics coding in that kind of camera work.

    MGS4 has similar quality cutscenes. You should see it on HDTV!

  2. I love how he looks so bloody bored through all of it. I actually know a girl who looks like him.

    And yes. I'll buy a ps3. Just for this. And an HDTV. Pwede naman managinip.

  3. HEheheh that part is actually not written by me. Hmm, maybe I should edit it so its more evident.

    Sigh, I wish I could afford a PS3.

  4. Yeah... hehehe, I love the feel of this myself.

    Oh and sige, I will join you sa dream na yan. Bili na rin tayo ng Hybrid na kotse or better yet the one that runs on water. Para "PAKYU" ang sigaw natin sa oil companies.


    Miss you love. Happy two years and five months!

  5. Double sigh on the HDTV wish..

  6. It's coming out on Xbox360 as well, same time as the PS3 release. So much for exclusivity. It was one of the reasons to get a PS3 (aside from MGS4 and cheap blu-ray player), but since I still have a healthy 360, well... so much for that idea.



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