Friday, April 25, 2008


First of all, my many thanks to everyone who greeted me as my birthday finally came around. Its a small consolation, but yeah I'm still part of the calendar (well, save for February) which means I'm not TOO old. Had a blast last night with some friends at two bars, enjoying free drinks and great dancing. The night, however, was not without its string of bad luck with the uh, lowlight of the event being a fistfight between two friends of mine which I had to literally leap into, separate them, calm one of them down, and eventually charm my way to convince the security and the just arrived local police patrol that everything was under control and no one was too drunk.


Wanted a fresh change with this new "year" for me to go through and decided, sige, let's get a hair cut. So I headed to Il Centrol in BF Homes to ask my suki stylist Mai-mai to give me something short but still with a hint of style naman. Part of me was even tempted to go all the way and ask for a semi-kalbo mowhawk but then again, I don't think I have the head nor the angas look for that.

Lost is finally back (yay!) and I am struggling NOT to watch the episode since doing so would mean waiting another WHOLE WEEK before I see the next. Battlestar Galactica continues to make me screech with every episode of the final season. Pushing Daisies and The Office, on the other hand, are making me swoon and miss my Panda Bear even more.

Comic creation, or more specifically, Diliman, is once again on hold. Sorry. Part of me just really can't help but feel like... uh... I have to make sure it goes out perfectly. I know, I know, just finish it, eh?

The Pentax camera has yet to be fixed. Still trying to get the address of the shop in Binondo to have it repaired. And I have NOT gone to the gym for nearly a week now (whine!) so definitely bawi next week.

Anyway, just sharing. Thanks again to all those who greeted me and my Panda Bear. Back to work for me for now. Later, you all!

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