Tuesday, April 29, 2008

April Updates

With April slowly coming to a close, I contemplate on the many thing that have happened so far in my life.

My Panda bear and I continue to grow strong every passing day. I find myself at some nights just remembering how she laughs and how we'd prowl the city for more three or four cheese pizzas. I'd see a dog and rather than immediately be scared, recall how she'd most likely excitedly squeal and rush to it. I'd be out drinking with friends and I'd remember how even just a glass of apple cider can get her tipsy. I miss her a lot. And I do hope someday soon, I'll be able to visit her again.

My gym sessions haven't been as religious as I wanted them to be, but I'd like to believe I've noticed some progress somewhat. I really must devote more time and commitment to it, however, since I am paying for it monthly. I want my guns!

Work remains work. It pays the bills. It meets the clients' expectations. It keeps the family afloat. So I guess its good, regardless of the cons it carries.

The bad luck wave nears its end. As of last night, which I thought was safe already, I got my lower lip busted in an accident (one of those me reaching down to pick something that fell to the ground as someone that moment got it and rose up to stand) followed by hand poking my eye and getting my jeans (again) doused with beer. So maybe tonight's romp with Alvin and the gang will fare better.

Lost has finally come back with an episode that truly stunned me to silence. The quote I once had as a status message in YM after watching Battlestar Galactica suddenly applies again. While there were some spotty moments, (parts which got me, "ay, exposition for the viewers yon!") there were solid scenes of pure wow. And yes, Ben is suddenly my favorite for the episode.

Still haven't gotten around to getting the Pentax camera fixed. Really miss using it. And strangely, haven't gotten the urge to crack out again my older camera (the one I used to constantly use). Oh well.

As always, we would love to have you all watch and join us at Fandom Live! Every Sundays, with no clear timeslot yet (we're still learning to meet a timeslot heheh). But yes, do watch our shows!

Okay, back to work for me. Gotta finish work before the gimmick tonight.
And here's to no more bad juju!

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