Friday, March 14, 2008

LOST - Cut Sequence from "Revelations of a Charlie"

Mara sees my status on YM: "Waaah, Crying Over Lost"
Mara Fabella: why?
Tobie: why what?
Mara Fabella: why are you crying over lost?
Tobie: have you seen it?????
Tobie: (weeping face)
Mara Fabella: and no, i haven't seen it
Tobie: so i cant say why then
Tobie: or should i?
Tobie: hmmm
Mara Fabella: heh
Tobie: oh and in the episode.. my god...
Tobie: PANDA
Mara Fabella: (question mark)
Tobie: (weeps)
Mara Fabella: Sun and Jin ep, no?
Mara Fabella: why else would there be a panda?
Tobie: tell Mika, "I was right again!"
Mara Fabella: she gives a suspiscious pout
Mara Fabella: so my guesses are confirmed, someone bites the dust
Mara Fabella: (weeps)
Mara Fabella: i'll text you panda na lang after i watch hehehe
Tobie: ok
Tobie: bites the dust...
Tobie: Sawyer and Sayid, locked in each others arms.
Tobie: They didnt see Hurley kasi
Tobie: Hurley rolled on top of them
Mara Fabella: awww, that's sad...
Tobie: tapos Ben looked at Locke and told him, "I told you. You're all Lost. Now the good looking blonde is dead. And your technician is dead. What are you going to do now Locke?"
Tobie: and Locke just slapped him in the face, "Eat your eggs."
Mara Fabella: mika: tobie tobie tobie!! i was in class today, then we were stretching, & i felt a crack in my neck with a bit of pain, & now, i can't really move my torso, left shoulder blade or neck.
Mara Fabella: parang that sounds like an actual spoiler.
Mara Fabella: (laughs)
Tobie: OMG
Tobie: Mika <-- did she get a check up?
Mara Fabella: no mika didn't
Tobie: Ooh and guess what Shannon returns! She reveals that Smokey is actually her and Boone's father!
Mara Fabella: she just got the injury today
Tobie: Malapit sa utak
Mara Fabella: she got the injury a few hours ago
Mara Fabella: mika: okay..
Mara Fabella: she can't bowl daw.
Tobie: aba
Tobie: malamang!
Tobie: if Jack was here, he's shake his head, sigh aloud, then shake his head again and tell you, "Get some rest... Maybe we can find something to help you recover. Nothing seems broken but.."
Tobie: then Charlie bounds into the scene, "Jack! Jack! You have to come with me.."
Tobie: "Not now, Charlie.." Jack tells him and points at you, "I have a patient.."
Tobie: "Jack," Charlie continues, but smiles at you sheepishly, "You really have to see this! Its incredible... Its... its... amazing!"
Tobie: Jack looks at Charlie, with a shake of his head. "What is it?"
Mara Fabella:
Tobie: "Its Sawyer! And Sayeeeeed. They were....... they were lovers all this time!" Charlie spouts out excitedly.
Tobie: Jack shakes his head again.
Tobie: (He loves to shake his head)
Tobie: "Why are you shaking your head?" Charlie gasps, "Jack I am serious! No really! I am!"
Mara Fabella: aba, charlie is alive
Tobie: Jack shakes his head.
Tobie: "Why are you shaking your head?" Charlies asks.
Tobie: "Its because I love you," Jack replies, then winks,.
Tobie: LOST
Tobie: hahaha

Mara Fabella: wow, it's a fanfilm...
Mara Fabella:
Mara Fabella: you just watched and are LOST active..
Tobie: Now I am tempted to post this WHOLE chat online
Tobie: hahaha
Mara Fabella: go ahead

Tobie: surprisingly, no one replied to my The Other Woman email
Mara Fabella: i would have, but this is the first time i've gone online in a while
Tobie: heheh
Tobie: post ko hehe
Tobie: should i edit out your injury?

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