Wednesday, August 29, 2007


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tagged by : My Panda Bear Isha

1.) The only thing matching my fear of Dogs is my fear of being immersed in water, especially dark water. I actually can't close my eyes too long while showering or bathing. Just get scared something in the water is out to get me.

2.) Major pet peeve: people who ask me a question only to rebut my answer. I guess part of me thinks, "Kung magtatanong ka.. gusto mong pagisipan sagot ko..."

3.) Patricia Raine Mallare Pimentel is a keeper. She keeps me sane yet makes me go crazy. She is my anchor and yet is also the wind that carries me up. She makes me proud of who I am and at the same time inspires me to become a better person. I love you, Isha!

4.) I promised myself a list of things to do before I die. Among them: Go skydiving, get a tattoo, feed sharks by hand and win an Oscar for my parents.

5.) I love telling stories. I love crafting tales. I love narrating them to an audience that appreciates them. And because of that, my biggest loves as far as hobbies go are Film making and Roleplaying games.

6.) I still believe in the Filipino. And I am still proud to be Filipino.

7.) I am a spiritual person. Not necessarily religious. But definitely spiritual. My Faith in the Lord is unquestionable. My belief in a greater power than man is without doubt.

8.) I know I would die for the people I love.


All those who check my blog out.
As few as you are.


  1. miss you so very much love. Haha didn't know you were afraid of dark water and dogs. Baka cat ka. hehe, wafyu.

  2. Waaah am I pussy.




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