Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Its a 150++ voice file day, so to take a breather...
Was able to catch some movies with my friends and family within the last two weeks. Just saw the following movies.

Definitely a fun ride! Got the Soundtrack too cause the songs are really fun and catchy. Found the ending a tad too "happy and perfect" but still, its a fun fun movie! And yes, John Travolta should stick to movies like this rather than bombs like that scientology sci-fi movie he made.

Funny and made me cry at the end. Sadly doomed to bomb since:
Religious people will find it sacrilegious.
Non-religious people will find it preachy.

So there.
Definitely better than Jim Carrey, that I can say though.

And yes, Acts of Random Kindness was a good touch.

I have never seen any of the Bourne movies, so when I went to see this with my parents, I was worried I'd be lost and bored all-throughout. Thankfully, though there was no clear catch up of the plot for new viewers, the director wonderfully made the shots viscerally engaging enough to still enjoy the ride.

And yes, now am looking for the first two Bourne movies to see them on DVD.

Sadly, however, not all is good on movieland. Some things are down-right horrible and others are over-promisingly disappointing. Since I rather not say bad things out loud as of the late, I'll just say some local movies could have been much more but still sadly stayed so damn safe in their formula approaches.


Its strange that this movie is coming up. I thought Jet Li decided to stop making movies after making Fearless? What happened to his Buddhist calling?

And why on earth is this being called ROGUE ASSASSINS in local advertising? The hell?

On the lighter side, here's something I am definitely DEFINITELY looking forward to.
The premise is just wonderfully disturbing. The cast makes me smile.

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