Thursday, June 14, 2007

One of them depressing days...
Yeah. Stress can really throw a man down, sometimes. Today is one of those days I guess. Hence the sudden urge to blog. With not-too-creative kind of work overwhelming me, I find myself getting delayed in delivering the other more creative projects I had in mind. My storyboard for Ma-an, Mike and Weiss is horribly horribly delayed. My brain feels too squeezed up for James. My Exalted game plans haven't been put down to writing. My fanfilm for the Toycon is falling into the "Next year na lang" shelf and my Diliman comic book is sooo horribly late, it makes Ellis' Planetary look like its on time!

I miss my Panda Bear.

I miss her so much. With her, even if I was so terribly tired, I'd find myself suddenly smiling and just happy to get out of the house. Even if I wasn't that much a Starbucks fan, I'd be lounging in the cafe with her and enjoying watching her drink her chocolate. Even if I wasn't feeling like it, I'd pick myself up and head to wherever she wanted to go... Luneta... Divisoria... Malate... U.P.. and enjoy being there with her.

She recharged me by just being there.

Here's to getting my chance to leap to Vancouver soon someday. Even if it means just to pay her a visit. With the 15th coming up, we're about to hit one month apart. But I guess we're doing great considering the benefits the modern world has to offer now. I remember those times one had to wait three damn months to get a letter from a loved one abroad. Now, with YM, Scype and cellphones, keeping in touch is really just a heartbeat away.

Still, I miss you, Isha.

Every damn day.

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  1. Waaah. You made me cry, baby.

    I miss being with you. My whole body is cold and now my heart is too. I miss holding your hand and hugging you tight and kissing you and just being with you.

    I miss you. I can;t wait to see you again.



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