Saturday, December 23, 2006

so tired...
Been a long day. And its not over for me. After numerous small nuclear explosions, a new batch of work comes in and i have yet to gather any decent night's worth of rest. i am way behind in some stories too, so will try to at least break some stress away by sharing some stories here.

First of, let me state how proud I am of my parents and of Batch '64 of De La Salle Lipa High School who have been helping over 30 kids get a chance to go through high school as scholars. Whereas you have horrible rich people staging minor fashion fests and awards to bring 5 kids to school, here, my parents and my dad's classmates from way back are helping a larger number of kids gain education and a chance at reaching their dreams. I was absolutely moved to see how much these kids were so grateful at the opportunity they have been given and how much their parents were happy that their children could go to a school which normally was beyond their financial reach.

Part of what they discussed which struck me was the concern of who will continue what their batch has started considering many of them are already entering their "senior status". I got home that day and ended up having a dream where I found myself being given the task of continuing the legacy and I woke up crying. I can only hope I can if such a day comes.

Panda bear Isha and I also ate at Seaside, near Mall of Asia. Like the fabled Dampa, you go shopping at a wet market then have everything freshly cooked! Food was absolutely delicious. Prices were a tad high, but would be far more manageable if you were a group. Saw an old classmate too and said hi.

Isha and I met up with Seth and Elaine to go shopping and grab some dinner at Greenhills. Oh boy, shopping can really get mischievously time consuming! My sweetie had so much stuff she wanted to check out! Good thing we weren't in any rush! I wanted a pair of interesting eyeglasses but the price was too much for vanity.

We also attended Ian's annual Christmas party. Sam brought Cranium and we had a blast playing it. Tom, Carlo, Aldwin and his girlfriend (sorry, I forgot your name!) joined the fun. Met some new faces. Found others not too social, but then again, maybe our geek levels showed.

Ate a lot. Laughed a lot. My panda bear got sick and thankfully recovered in a few days. But definitely going to watch how much we eat next time.

Lastly, I am desperate to get some sleep.
But sadly, work needs me awake.
Happy Holidays to the rest of you!
Enjoy it. Heck, you got all the time in the world to do so.
Some of us will just try to when we get the chance!

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