Wednesday, October 04, 2006

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Survived a few storms, a very long time of no power, and the latest challenge: a downed website and a destroyed phone. For those who text or call me, be warned, my long ailing phone has finally slipped into actual death and I am now using a temporary phone which most likely does not have your numbers, and even if it does, is not equipped with a working microphone. So all I can do is TEXT.
I got a haircut that makes me look smart, though. Small joys. Heh, one has to remind himself of such to stay sane sometimes.
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Our mango tree lost two major branches. It was sad, considering the tree had been in full lush and has been a very generous fruit bearing tower for the past few years. It is still alive, of course, but now looks much hollower than before. Again, focus on the good things, eh?
The storm was intense, drenching part of our office with water and nearly shattering a few windows. One window slammed shut by a powerful gust of wind nearly severed my DSL cable too! But thanks to the grace and mercy of God, there were no injuries at home. Just a few pots, baskets, and other inanimate things.
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Had a reunion with my college barkada to celebrate Rose Ann Gatpolintan's visit home from San Francisco. After a spicy hot meal at People's Place, we then grabbed some crepes and ice cream for dessert! This marks, also, the first day they (with the exception of Bambi) all get to meet Panda Bear Isha! Grabe... na-interrogate pa kami about how it all began and the like.
Iba talaga ang friends you make back in college. They have a greater perspective on who you are. A better understanding on how the world works and how we all fit in it as friends. And that's one of the main reasons I doubt I will ever stop finding time to get in touch with these friends (as rare as it is): for some reason, we never feel like we don't know each other anymore no matter how long we've been apart.
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Finally, here's some images from the despedida party to celebrate my breaking free from ABS-CBN Global Limited. Lots of joy and (yes) tears that night. And it was made all the more special by Isha who brought cake, kisses and love to the memorable evening.

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  1. awww. I love you baby. Better things are heading your way.



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