Thursday, September 28, 2006

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First off, let me say,
"Look Sophie!!! This is me with a panda bear named Nameless! Nameless is the youngest son of me and Panda bear Isha!"
My brother's daughter, Sophia Nicole Abad, actually once YMed me a question:
"Uncle Tobie, is your Panda Bear Isha a REAL Panda bear?"

Sweet girl. Miss her so much. Wish Isha does get to meet them soon.
Can't wait to see Sophie again and tell her, "She isn't a real Panda bear, Sophie. But Isha is something much much more better. She's real."

Yah. Am being a sugary mess here.

Its late September (not to mention late in the morning... 5am to be precise) and I can't sleep. Earlier in the day, you see, I met up with my sweetie for lunch. Panda Bear Isha and I decided to head for Amici near Don Bosco Makati for a taste of their delectable treats and dishes. After spending more than we expected (Php500 for bistek, blue marlin and prawns!) we found ourselves delightfully stuffing ourselves with the food until we could no longer swallow any more. Diet Sarsi helped us gulp down every succulent bite! Absoutely no regrets, however, on the cost for the food was very much well worth it!

For those who've been keeping tabs with my blog, you're probably aware of how amusingly parallel Isha's and my life has been as of the late. On the very day I finally was effectively resigned and free from ABS-CBN, Isha landed on ABC Sports. I've been getting sniffy and crampy. She's been getting frustrated and hot-headed. Its almost as if we literally "exchanged places" and are walking in each other's shoes! I guess it is ultimately another sign of how perfect we are for each other. I do tend to get her stomach cramps during her monthly cycle. At times, she picks up when I feel bad. And there have been those strange and unexplainable times we mentally link up without meaning to (God knows the many times we've worn the same color motif without planning to do so. Mushy diba!)

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And we've hit seven months.

Wow... it really takes a while for that to sink in. I've been with her for seven months now. Not too long ago, I used to spend months on this blog bemoaning my single-hood and the pathetic qualities of dating and courtship. And here I am now, happily sharing my life and its experiences with someone who loves me as much as I love her.

Yep, I am blessed.

Just sent to Ma-an the script I wrote for the short film she wants us to make. Entitled REFLECTIONS, if things go well, it will be a short film we plan to enter in the Cinemalaya for the coming year.

Also, finally got around to uploading the tenth issue of Diliman in the other blog I made for the comic. Eventually, all existing 14 issues will be online for your reading pleasure. Considering making a "Special Edition DILIMAN printed issue" to be sold in Komikon, but I have no idea where I can have my work printed, photocopied, then nicely bound. Especially considering how horribly matakaw my work is on blacks (mumurahin ako ng mga photocopiers). I am open to ideas, people!

Oh yeah, I don't get it.
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I really don't get this. Up by THAT MANY SPOTS? What on earth?!?! Are there really THAT many people interested in my rants and statements on life? In my fiction? In my artwork?

Anyway, as a show of appreciation, I decided to update the side bar menu to contain easy links to many of the stuff I have written and posted over the years.

Its raining hard. Winds blowing coldly all over. Life goes on.
Thank you Lord for all your blessings.
And here's to finding more ways to share them with you all!

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  1. No, baby, I love you more. And our youngest son is now Reese. And our youngest daughter is Rose. Wahaha.



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