Saturday, January 28, 2006

Am finally moving back to Paranaque. Tonight is my last night here in San Juan. Already, I feel a heaviness set in within me. This place has been home for nearly four years for me. When I first moved in here (to share the place with my friend Seth) the place was in heavy need for repair and renovation. The whole place had to be repainted. The floor retiled. Even the plumbing fixed. There were a lot of personal moments that happened here; lots of fun times with friends, special moments with certain people, happy memories and painful experiences that had to be survived.

And now, this place will be but another memory for me. As it becomes a home and a happy place for Seth and Elaine to share as husband and wife.

Along with the act of moving out is the loss of my easy access to the internet. Seth invested on a DSL connection which I had the fortunate chance to use while I was in San Juan. Now, however, I might have at most a dial-up connection, if any, for quite some time to come. I do hope to be able to still blog every now and then. Possibly even while at work.

But other wise, to all you friends of mine who I meet up with in the evenings or wee hours of the morning, this might be good bye for now.

The Garapata can speak. And boy has he said a lot all these years.
But the garapata too might have to be quiet for a while.

Or at least, for more days than usual.

Thank you for all the memories.
And God bless this home always.

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