Monday, November 28, 2005

Am nearly at the 40,000 point. I can't wait!
I do believe I can make it! I have to!

Yep. Be back on Wednesday!

But I know she loves me. I love her so much!

Baring strange weird requests, the Open Meet this November was a resounding success. My congratulations to Vic Cabazor for the success of the event. My Panda Bear Isha brought her younger brother, Basil with us to the event and I think he had fun naman too! Citadel was a majorly fun game, as was Once Upon a Time (Thank you Adrain for the tutorial and the toys!) Bas got to play Navia Drapt (did I get the name right?) and The Amaze-ing Labyrinth too. Lots of laughs, lots of fun, lots of new faces!

On a side note on the event, I must get something off my chest.
Two night have passed and I still feel very slighted by an event during the open meet: I was totally humiliated by a person who I had indirectly slighted when I took pictures of her and their group without asking permission during the Open Meet. Some how, she felt she had the right to mouth me off in public (in front of both my friends and new faces we've just met). Buti pa yung isang friend niya who very nicely asked me not to use the pictures; he was being sensitive towards me while informing me that I did something wrong. That I appreciated.

My actions were obviously innocent mistakes on my part simply because the open meet is a public event after all. People do not normally ask permission to take pictures when covering public events. There was no intention to attack or humiliate anyone.

She, on the other hand, could have at least informed me of her issues about the photographs in a more appropriate way.

But what the heck, I deleted the pictures just to get it over with.
Point of the matter: I apologised. I believe I deserve one in return for how I was approached.

But, the fact that the event ended with no one from that table bothering to apologise for my "public reprimanding" kind of shows what kind of sensitivity can be expected in this issue. I was really hoping to the very least that you would have realised or at least someone in your group would have realised how humiliated I felt after what you did. I guess that ain't happening.

Ultimately, I'm just dropping the matter and avoiding the said person (or possibly persons) just to keep from accidentally hitting more "eccentric" buttons.

Kung gawin pang issue ang pag-blog ko ng event, please naman... at least realise I still kept it anonymous. I have the right to rant and I'm not identifying the said person in public. But I do need to speak out on how humiliated her said actions made me feel. If ever this post reaches her attention, may she realised what she did and work to keep it from happening again. On my side, I would probably just take pictures of people I know.

My thanks though for the many others who actually privately approached me, and apologised that I had to go through that. I appreciated it.


  1. nice..busy bee l8tly huh...don't get stressed out about the bitch, prolly just pms or some issues with her...unless she's a model that have to be paid a fee per pic, that I could understand otherwise a bitch is a bitch

  2. Hmmm.... makes me wish I was there during the open meet. Some people just need to be cursed and screamed at... hehehehe.

    S'okay Tobes. She's fugly anyways. How unfortunate that some people have no accounting for taste n'all.

    But that's just me being a pain in the ass :)

    *notice that I'm spoiling for a fight*


  3. Norman, thank you for commenting. Heh. And yes, evidently I keep myself busy.

    Seth, you are a friend indeed. Thank you. And honestly, wag na... no more fighting. One does not after all force others to be a friend. or to be sensitive.



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