Thursday, November 24, 2005

1) How did I get it?
I have no idea. Frankly, it was a surprise to me too. The doctor says it might be a pimple that got infected or something like that. Yeeech... Panda bear told me her dad once got it, but that's when a wound on his leg got in contact with flood water. I don't recall having my face do anything as drastic.

Or maybe it's karma. Hmm?

2) What are you taking for it?
Cloxacillin 500mg, one capsule every six hours for the next few days. And I hate how it makes me feel very drowsy if not tired. Also, I've noticed I feel the tendancy to suffer migraines more with it in my system.

3) How bad has it hit you?
Not that bad naman. Well, visibly, there isn't much to look at and be afraid of. So those other pictures of Cellulitis with engorged arms or frighteningly reddish peeling body parts aren't what I'm going through (so far, at least).

4) Is it contagious?
No it isn't. Thank God.

5) Does it hurt?
It does feel tender. Kind of like how a really sore pimple would feel. Or how a swollen toe that you just stubbed would feel... just make it constant (and in my case, on the face).

6) Are you posting a picture of it?
Are you really that curious to see it? Okay... will see if I can get my camera. If ever, you'll see it in this blog in time. (edit) Here you go. I took two pictures since in the one with a flash, it looks less noticable.

1 comment:

  1. waaaw. ganda ng eyelashes. Ang gandaaaa. Parang pinasalooon. hehehe. Get well soon mama.



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