Wednesday, November 23, 2005

First of all, sorry to my Panda bear. I always get more drowsy when I'm taking antibiotics. I do hope you got my text message stating I was turning in for the night. Woke up today at 4a.m. and only know did I realise I should have taken my next dose of meds that moment. So now I'm late in my second dose. Gah. I went back to sleep and now woke up at 8:20a.m. with a deep hunger for food before I take my next pill.

I'm suffering from a case of cellulitis, according to the company physician, which from what I've read is a scary thing. Hopefully I have a simpler more basic case. God, please.. I have no idea how I got it or what allowed the bacteria in. All I know is that I have a painful tender lump under my right eye and according to the doctor, I have to take a bunch of antibiotics.

End result: Feeling feverish at 8:00a.m. Going to have to stay in. And yes, work AT home while I nurse myself back to health.

Just my luck, eh?

Also, am terribly terribly late for my Nanowrimo posts. I might not make the cut. Gotta keep at it. Got to keep writing. I'm barely in the 20,000 mark and I've already found myself losing steam. It's not supposed to feel this hard to write, but I guess with everything that's hitting me at work and financially, I'm finding it hard to wiggle my muse up to the task.

Must survive.
Must write.
Must live.
Must love.

Thank you for being there for me, Isha. Without you, I'd probably be a dreadfully irritable mess. More so than I already am now.


  1. awww. Get well soon. Happy pandas headed your way, mama. Hugs.

  2. get well dude... maybe a 2nd opinion would ba good too....

  3. Isha: Love you!!!!!!!!!!

    Norman: Considered that. But since I already got the meds, I might as well I guess. Just hate how it makes me sooo sleepy.bnzrnu



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