Tuesday, November 22, 2005

First of all, they just blocked Blogger and my blogspot account at work. Damn them. Eto na nga ang replacement ko sa stress after quitting smoking, haharangan pa. Grr...

Then, my cellular phone credit is maxed out. Gah.

Then, an officemate who borrowed money ain't paying me back yet. Putcha. I need the money na. I lent it when it was needed. Sana naman they pay when its needed back.

Lastly, I feel like I'm in a slump as of the late. Like I want to shut everything out. Like I want to reboot my system. Maybe its stress. Maybe its no longer being happy at work. Its hard to tell. All I know is I feel like I need a good recharge.


  1. hang in there, mama. i'm glad we had that talk. you're the bestest best mommy in the panda-verse. Good luck with the cellulitis, too. Huggy.

  2. Must get well.
    For you.



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