Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Age: 28 years old

Band Listening To Right Now: Sugarfree, Damien Rice and Nobuo Uematsu

Career: Underpaid overworked Art Director/Graphic Artist of ABS-CBN Global Limited

Drink or Smoke: Drink on occasion. Stopped smoking already.

Easiest Friends To Talk To: John Boy and Isami

Favorite Song/s at the moment: Tulog Na, the Blower's Daughter and Cannonball(for my Panda bear Isha) and Tatakau Monotachi (Piano Version) for its sheer musical genius

Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: Hmm tough one. I love the sourness of Gummy Worms. But I love the head-snapping fun of Gummy Bears.

Have a Girlfriend: Err.. Ask Panda Bear Isha.

In love: Absolutely.

Junk Food You Like: Currently, the first place prize goes to Reese Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, followed closely by Summit's flavored carbonated water.

Kids: None... that I know of.

Longest Ride Ever: That ride from our former fishpen in Laguna Bay to the house in Paranaque when I was a kid. I needed to take a dump and wouldn't do it anywhere but in the toilet back at home.

My Favorite Sports: Currently Badminton and Swimming, although I think I'd love to try wall-climbing if not skydiving with a parachute.

Names For Your Future Kids: I'll let my wife choose but the first boy has to be Antonio _______ Abad IV. Probably a toss up between Antonio Ezekiel or Antonio Mercurio.

One Wish You Have Now: For Humanity to realise that no one is going to make the world a better place unless we do it ourselves.

Phobias: Dogs. Taking a bath with my eyes closed. The sea at night.

Favorite Quote: It used to be "Why should my opinion matter?" but now it seems to have become inappropriate for me as of the late.

Reasons To Smile: My Panda bear Isha, My family, My friends, Life, Food, Relative Peace in the Country, there's so much to list actually but most people fail to notice it.

Sleeping Hours: What's that?

Time You Woke Up: Hmm... depends. Lately, around late morning.

Unknown Fact About You: I'm not the bastard my enemies rumor me to be. And I am a martyr at heart so please, don't abuse my kindness for your own personal preferrences.

Vegetable You Hate: Luya

Worst Habit: Moments of low-self esteem and envy towards others more gifted.

X-rays You've Had: Chest... lots of chest x-rays last year.

Yummy Foods: Tocino at Kare-Kare ni Aling Auring, Turbo Manok at Champorado ni Yaya Bebie, Crispy Pata ni Ramil, Mango Layer cake (tama ba?) ni Marianne, Dinuguan ng Mommy ni Joey

Zodiac Sign: Taurus, hence my stubborn-ness and my... well... bull-skills in certain other fields.

There you go... let me tag Vonjobi and Ken2ts to fill this up too!


  1. will do so, but maybe when i have the time off from school. promise! kahit delayed, will do this.

  2. as promised, kahit several weeks na delayed, i answered this :-)



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