Thursday, September 01, 2005

Can't seem to get the urge to fall asleep today. I don't know why. I don't really feel depressed or overwhelmed. I don't feel tired. I just feel... like not sleeping. Maybe Ken2ts has the answer to this because I did earlier chat with him and he said he was having the same problem.

Oh well...

Had a fun day today, though it started late due to some private matters that I had to handle. On the lighter side of things: Good news finally was shared from work. How substantial that good news would be remains to be seen, but I personally have high hopes and belief in the management in treating its people well.

Headed out to Badminton for my fourth week of playing today. To make the game more interesting, Isha (who arrived with wounded knees from basketball) joined me and my officemates for what could only be another display of how much I have yet to learn in playing the game. As expected, I lost again. But I gained a win though during the one-on-one game between me and Isha. She claims to have let me win, which I don't actually doubt. I was never that good in sports after all.

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Had a weird freaky moment when Ramil's shirt suddenly manifested some strange face on it. Weiiiiiird.

Returned back to ABS-CBN Global
to make up for my hours at work and had dinner with Isha at the cafeteria! It was nice to see she enjoyed the food naman. The cafeteria in ABS-CBN is actually pretty good... so long as you don't eat there during peak hours, nor be too picky with food.

Eventually, Isha got her hands on my digital camera and from that, this was the result.
Please. Someone warm me next time. Hehehe.

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Then had a nice heart-to-heart talk with Seth, as he reminded me of many things I may have forgotten and helped me focus on somethings I may have ignored.

All in all things went well. Hope Isha's wounds heal quickly. Hope work goes light today. And hope the games this weekend go nicely. Won't be able to hang with the Panda til next week again, since were both going to be busy, but that's no big deal, we still have the rest of our lives to get to know each other and spent some time together, eh?

I just can't believe I haven't slept a wink!


  1. Waaah. I miss my mama na. :((( *sniffles. Pero you hafta admit, ma, that pwede kang mag model. :p
    May potential... heheh pwede, pwede. HUUUUGGGS

  2. tobs, you rarely sleep well you're always up very late. "mama tobie?" ... doesn't fit, how bout big brother tobs..... just like a big hairy bear! ingats dude.....

  3. gahhh your week is almost done...... 2 more days to hack over here.... oh well I have chips ahoy (light) for breakfast.....

  4. Hahahah... isha, me as a model? nyek... ng ano? weeeeeeeeeeeeeird...

    :-) Flattery won't wipe the tickle slate clean dearie.

    Elias, uh.. dude di ako sanay you calling me a big hairy bear. Yikes! Hahah... weekends take too long to get here eh?

  5. tobs, I was referring to the panda bear calling you 'Ma', 'Brother' might be more appt...hahaha ingatz



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