Sunday, September 04, 2005

The weekend began with me having some great visitors to help tide the depression I felt lately. Headed off to sleep after waking up my two friends for their trip to Baguio. Didn't get to say goodbye or what before I fell asleep so there.

Woke up and it was one o'clock. Took a good cool shower, got dressed, then trekked to Galleria to pick Kent and Kenneth up at D'Angelos. There, grabbed two Jamacian patties (only one of which I ate) and a Green Apple milkshake from Taka's then headed back to my apartment with the two guys in tow.

At Paranaque, all three of us met up with Sam, Aldwin and later in the evening BennyLee for the d20 game.

We gathered at the Game Room to play a one-shot d20 game which I told my players was heavily inspired by Lord of the Ring's Helm's Deep situation and Dragonlance. But what I didn't tell them was that I was prepping two major twists in the plot: the first being that the enemy had actually already taken over quite some time ago, and the second being the way the heroes have been viewing non-humans... yes, I touched on racism in a role-playing game like d20.

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Later in the morning, after the game, those still awake played a session of Uno Stacko with me. Had some hilarious moments with Awie and Kent tossing back and forth the dice having rolled Reverse* numerous times. Awie was out to get me, hoping to force me into trouble by rolling "Take Two" but sadly, my Kung Fu beat his Kung Fu. In the end, Sam made the fatal mistakes which lead to the Uno Stacko tower falling and Kenneth winning the game.

It was one cool weekend.
Now I need some sleep.
*Corrected as per Ken2ts notice. Thanks man!



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