Tuesday, September 06, 2005

With a feeling under-the-weather Seth having to be checked on every now and then, I decided to try to check on him and grab some shut eye between hours. But then, I realised, the shut eye option was impossible. Pandabear Isha and Daddyhunk Ken2ts kept me company through the wee hours of the morning. Both kept me occupied with interesting chats (with Hearthrob Heartbreaker Ibil_Ay, Hamz (Isha's cousin) and others), discussions on music, sex, neopets, kayla, nakedness, wounds, and (in Isha's case) a set of challenging literati games. Had a few songs playing on loop as I plunged through the night/day unable to feel a hint of sleepiness cross over me.

Sadly, Yahoo! Messenger opted to die just as Isha was win the third game. Logged back online and started a fourth one which was one head-to-head battle of words and scores. By the time we were nearly done with our fourth game, the sun was rising even as the rain poured down strong and cold against the world outside.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comIsha "The Lost Panda" and Ken2ts "Too hot to wear anything but Boxers"

I anticipated a heavy day at work later, not to mention a majorly rushed project which was due later this afternoon. Staying awake would be a problem. Part of me was thankful though that I was in the mindset to go to work, to say the least.

Here's to a better Tuesday, eh?

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  1. as they say if you couldn't sleep, try not to sleep. you did the right thing. maybe you should lessen your caffeine intake 4 hours before you go to bed. if you're really really desperate to get some decent sleep, call me, rx is available. but if you're not a pill popper, drink chamomile tea, take a long warm shower, and drink a glass of milk (fresh is better).



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