Sunday, August 21, 2005

Giovanni Chronicles moves forward as the Children of the Conspiracy of Isaac survive the tenuous years of the Anarch Revolt and the Inquisition. Time moves its slow yet perpetual pace as the vampires suvive the threats that arise between 1444 and 1472. But when the coming years brings the Children of the Conspiracy of Isaac face-to-face with the lone man who may change the very face of Cainite society, Vlad Tepes, will their suspicions on how the worst events tend to occur when they are gathered prove to be true?

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Sam, Seth, Aldwin and Awie portrayed their characters yesterday with much more pathos than I expected. Anastasia di Pragha (Sam) embraced her Faith and struggled to find a means to show Vlad Tepes spiritual guidance. Niccolo di Medici (Seth) carefully played his hand as he verbally assaulted the Voivode of Voivodes Rustovich himself before the Ventrue Elder Dominus. Santiago de Saber (Aldwin) bravely presented his skills with both word and steel in his approaches towards the Furores and those present in the Convention of Hermandstat. While Harrad bini Alazeez ibn al-Faqadi (Awie) showed a powerful capacity for versatility in his scenes with the Toreador and the Tzimisce. All in all, the game went very well. Even if Seth and Aldwin (both of whom I suspect woke up early and failed to get enough rest) were sleepy even before the act ended, the cliffhanger I was forced to give gave the game a timely to be continued moment.
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Hung out with Tenzil at last, after what... two or three years of chance meetings in malls and online. Spent some time in Greenhills going around looking for shops and hoping to find stuff that weren't too expensive.

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There were so much good geek stuff (from this point on pegged the "Dork Gimmick!") that I found myself again lamenting how I wish I was paid a bit more generously by the company I have so far devoted five years of my life towards. After some time chatting in Dulcinea (covering topics ranging from love to parents to dogs and to unconventiality) we decided to make our way to my apartment for a mind-boggling experience playing Katamari Damacy!

After spending some minutes rolling the Katamari around and catching crabs, Tenzil opted to have me play the game and watch as I started rolling up islands and the like. Here's looking forward to more times hanging out together and remembering the joys of being into dorky stuff!

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