Monday, August 01, 2005

Squaresoft Updates:
I have been a Squaresoft fan for quite some time. Although not that long compared to some people I know. My first encounter with them was the game called SaGa Frontier which I actually absolutely hated. Having been a fan of games such as Shadowgate and Spy vs Spy, I sort of felt I wanted games which had more... interactivity with the backgrounds. It wasn't until the release of Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy IV that I began to realise how fun computer-based RPGs by Squaresoft could be. Especially since my standards back then were based on Sega's Phantasy Star series and Dragon Warrior.

Anyway, here's some updates on their upcoming major projects:

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Kingdom Hearts 2 has officially contracted Hikaru Utada to once again grace the game with her melodius vocals. For the unfamiliar, Kingdom Hearts was a Squaresoft game which crossed over with Disney's lovely worlds and characters. In the first game, Sora, the lead character, is tasked to help find King Mickey and rescue the Princesses (everyone from Ariel of The Little Mermaid to Alice of Alice in Wonderland) while searching for his missing friend Kairi. He gains the friendship and companionship of Donald and Goofy and meet a host of other characters in the process. In this second game, the story continues with them eventually meeting even more characters from Disney such as Capt. Jack Sparrow and Mulan.

In Kingdom Hearts, Hikaru Utada supplied the main intro theme "Simple and Clean" in both English and Japanese versions of the song. She has also made some covers of songs like No Woman, No Cry and Loving You which impressively gave the songs a new touch. For the sequel, she is lending her vocal talents to give her rendition of the song entitled "Passion."

For some more hints of what's to come with KH2, check this out.

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For the upcoming Final Fantasy XII game, the talented Angela Aki has been tapped to provide the main vocal theme. I don't personally know her music so here's hoping it goes well!

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The highly anticipated computer generated movie Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children on the other hand has now released the premier schedule for the Japanese screenings on September 8. I guess time will tell when the pirated versions reach Manila!

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And lastly, Dirge of Cerberus, the latest spin-off of the Final Fantasy VII game (Other than other spin-offs like Crisis Core: FF7 for the PSP, FF7: Before Crisis and FF7: Snowboarding... repeat after me, "I am a cash cow.. Moo..." ) which features Vincent going on a solo-shooter-based story with the infamous Caitsith is now calling for beta-testers. Sadly, it requires having a net-capable Playstation 2. So tough luck.

So here's to a bright new set of Squaresoft games and experiences to embrace soon!

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