Thursday, August 04, 2005

warning: If you are below 18, or at work, I do NOT recommend you click the links in this post.
Yep. If you haven't heard about her, Sarong Party Girl is a blog writer who apparently "flashed" her breasts on her blog. And now, there's all this uproar going on about it. Personally, I'm like.. come on people.. the net has long been a safehouse for internet, self-expression, religious declarations, politics and shopping. Why suddenly pretend the innocent unblemished web has been tarnished by one woman's artistic contributions? And frankly, her contributions are quite beautiful and tastefully done. And from what she writes about herself, she seems like a pretty well balanced person too.

If ever, what she should at least do is add some rating system or warning that her blog isn't quite child-friendly (to have some disclaimer would be good). A compromise I guess.

So to them naysayers, off your high horse and realise you're being pathetically hypocritical about all this. I mean, so she showed her breasts. Why aren't you after them porn sites, pirates and pedophiles out there? Its not as if she's the first blog to tackle sex or adult topics either. There's Belle de Jour, The Diary of a London Call Girl, there's Erosblog, which is very fun to read when you're not really feeling particularly evil, and more. so come on.. stop pretending Sarong Party Girl crossed some never-touched-before line. Stop feeling like your eyes were fucking virgins.

Me, I say "Go Sarong Party Girl!"
I'd do the same if I had nice breasts.


  1. You sure know a lot of erotic blog sites. haha.

  2. Urm... I.. uh.. read a lot.

  3. this is my third attempt to post comment, it keeps failing
    I agree with you. also suggesting a compromise by placing a disclaimer.. But what's the big deal. I know adult bloggers who openly share sexual preferences, experience, thoughts and try to keep it private by not allowing links. so it isn't all about popularity or rating, it's pure self-expression.

    i wouldn't go as far as breast exposure naman...perhaps if i had an anonymous blog hehe.

  4. Precisely.

    This world is far too much filled with hypocrites.

  5. ahahahah
    bakit may nag complain na mga ganun

    ok naman yun ah.

    buti walang nagcomplain sa akin pag nakikita ako topless sa webcam hahhahaha

  6. i agree with this, as a purveyor of mature content myself, i think that it is up to the parent to monitor the activities of their children. :)



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