Friday, August 05, 2005

Off to a Photoshoot
Yep. Only this time, the camera is trained at us. Wil see if I can share some pics of the shots later with you people.

Keep yourself busy...
It has been one of the best ways to deal with stress and depression, right? Idleness is the Devil's workshop, they say. But personally, I think its idleness has nothing to do with the Devil. Instead, its how the person chooses to entertain himself while idle.

Anyway, I'll be at the office til 11:00p.m. tonight. Yeah, going to be working late cause its easier to keep working late compared to waiting alone at the apartment and finding thing to keep me busy. Friday night plans went down the drain and add to that the sudden death of our television set at home, I've suddenly lost access to my DVDs and my Playstation 2 games. Guess I better go buy another television soon.


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