Thursday, July 28, 2005


Part of the fun of being online is the access to fun free games that are just really a treat to experience and enjoy! Let me focus on the flash-created games of where one get's the chance to experience being a boy trapped by aliens, a rat in a cage or a very interesting fellow with a bladed-edge.

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All the games are played with what is know as the point-and-click system, made popular by old games such as Shadowgate or Myst as well as adventure games like Secret of Monkey Island or even Maniac Mansion. One tries to solve the riddles and puzzles and find a way to move forward in the game.

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Cute, undeniably smart and yet tricky makes these games not just fun but actually very amusing to play through. The blend of really stylized graphics, cartoony music and a wonderful sense of animation make the games feel very professional even if they are free. Something, I guess, for local programmers to aspire to creating to break into the market.
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Check them out and tell me how far you get! So far, I'm finding the rat puzzles to be the toughest ones in the set.

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