Monday, July 25, 2005

Earlier, I had a post sharing really good comic pages
This time, its "trainwreck" time as we see the things that we might have best never seen.
Be warned, some of these links might not be worl-friendly. Be further warned, many of these links can really make you want to quit comics all together.

Yes, they're that bad.
Stryfe? Come on...
Liefeld remains one of the few people who somehow continues to get work... despite... argh, I don't want to say anything that's that blatantly obvious.
Aunt May + Galactus
Oh cripes...
Yes. Barbie.
Everyone is so purty...
...Its just wrong.
I know its meant to be funny
But come on, this is Darkseid!
This is so wrong.
Sonic. Yeah. Frighteningly, I know someone who actually loves this shit.
The subtext... the subtext?!?!?!
Oh this is so wrong.
What The... gets stupid.
Usually, they have good ideas.
Bad bad manga
And it isn't really manga to boot!
So wrong... so wrong..
Michael Jackson would have a fit with the first one too!
Batman... how could you?
Maybe this is why Jason Todd is after him?
Punisher and the Comics Code
Tell me again why it should exist?
This is sooo badly built up, then not even continued.
Shatty and Rico.

So let's make it up with one GOOD entry.
This is simply priceless.

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