Monday, July 25, 2005

Its over.
The weekend has passed and I am still here on the road to recovery. After what can only be described as eight t-shirts, three showers, four Bioflu tablets, and around 4 liters of water in two days, I am starting to feel better. Unlike everyone else who had the chance to meet up with friends, hang out with loved ones, or make a scene at a rally, I was stuck at home with sweat pouring out and my eyes heavy from my meds.

Ah, it could have been worse I guess.


  1. he he he making some scene in a rally is a good thing to do if you want to have your nasty rest for a week...

    dumaan lang para makialam at magsabing get well soon.

    linked garapata to random circumstances para sa blogging destinations.

    nice site.

  2. Thanks gari! I'd be willing to trade links with you but as I said in another comment box, I tend to try to limit them to those whom I have "met" either face-to-face or in YM!

    So catch you online one of these days, I hope!



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