Monday, June 06, 2005

For the time I've been here at Los Angeles, I've been getting into certain shows even if I was never really the type of guy who liked television. One of them is a modern sci-fi thriller called the 4400 which is about a bunch of people who suddenly pop back after being missing for years from what was reputedly alien abductions.

Then, there's the BBC drama Spooks which deals with MI5. But unlike American action dramas like 24, Spooks has touches of drama, comedy and romance mixed with witty dialogue, serious political messages and very realistic complications. I'm hoping to find a copy of it somehow somewhere back home.

There's this dating thing called NEXT where one searcher meets five searchies one at a time. Each minute that the two spend together is a dollar the searchie gets once the searcher decides to say "Next." The searcher, of course, says "Next" if there is anything that he does not find to his interest with regards with the searchie. On the flip side of the scale, if the searcher really likes the searchie, the searcher tells the searchie this and the searchie has to choose between the money equal to the total minutes they've spent together or a second date with the searcher. Its great how at times you see them asked to do the weirdest things (everything from an enema, to a straight guy taking a ballet lesson, to a gay guy being asked to go spa-ing together) and at times the searchers who abuse their searchies get rejected by the searchie just to get even. Ah... ah reality tv show that captures the essence of how most one-night stands really are.

Of course there's Punk'd which many have heard of. And I just love seeing what happens to the stars. :-)

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