Sunday, May 01, 2005

The Last Supper
Had the second game session of Giovanni Chronicles last night and hit major high points in the dramatic level of the game. The "harrowings" each character endured simply added an incredible level of gaming to the session. Add to that the fresh directions I took for each of the main NPCs, even someone like Sam who had played Giovanni Chronicles in the past under me is finding the game just as compelling and frightening as the first one.

All I really got to do is finish the darn website soon enough.

At work, on a Sunday..
Yep. With the May 3 shoot looming closer and closer, I'm forced to work today AS WELL AS TOMORROW (which I might add has been declared a special non-working holiday = Labor Day) in order to make sure things work out in the end. Frankly, I wish they'd triple our pay or something in compensation. But the day that would happen would probably be the day I get elected to be the Pope.

Katamari Damacy... done!
Yep finished the darn addictive game. And still happily playing it when I can. I hit 500m 50cm as the size of my final Kamatari with islands, clouds, godzilla monsters and skyscrapers sticking to my rolling little star. I wonder, though, how much bigger I can make it go. I've seen some websites and forums list their best times to hit the minimum size as 28 - 35 seconds! Heck, it takes me 3-5 minutes! Got a long ways to go to getting the game mastered, that's for sure.

And damn, the songs are really really catchy.

...might be online again soon. I guess I'll just have to wait for word from him.

U.S. of A. this May?
Yes, I am leaving on the 20th of May.
Cool, eh?

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