Thursday, April 28, 2005

God works in mysterious ways
Got the most unexpected birthday gift from GeeJay today. My own copy of KATAMARI DAMACY! Now, I have a game that will allow me to serve the King of All Cosmos and roll up the city and everything else in it to repopulate the stars! And in one stage, you even get the King of All Cosmos greeting you in Filipino and talking about the Philippines! Sounds weird? It is. And its fun!

So, Godo, if you ever check my blog... (not like I haven't profusely said so already) SOBRANG THANK YOU!!!!

Today, the photos of me and 499 other people (some of whom I know personally, biblically or both) are on display in a one-day only photo exhibit of nudes in Greenhills.

And I missed it. I totally failed to attend.
I blame God.
The brown-eyed hunk God(o) so to speak.
If you still don't get why, read my earlier post.

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