Sunday, May 08, 2005

Found out that my previous rantings were mistakenly assumed by two particular people to be referring to them! So to clarify no it ain't about you two. First of all, neither of you really factor in what I consider to be my daily adventure that is called life, be it due to the fact of the grown distance (physical or emotional) or differences (be it political, personal or creative) so rest assured you won't have to worry about cropping up in my postings. And Secondly, why would I even write about you if I haven't even seen or spoken with you for quite some time?

No offense, guys, but my blog is my current life. I don't really know why there was the assumption in the first place. Am kinda happy though that Mr. B validated his concerns by calling me and asking if it was okay to talk. Was amused however when Mr. O actually texted in response to my response to Mr. B's concerns. Guess he read my reply to Mr. B and thought it was a reply to his own blog post which in some ways can be miscontrued to refer to me as well. Or something. Gah... this is becoming more confusing than a local telenovela.

Anyway... now that that's cleared up, back to our indifferent lives, shall we?
And again, Mr. O and Mr. B it's not about either of you two, okay? Thanks though, for making me laugh.

Been a while since either of you did that.

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