Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Recap: Where I Stand
Yep. Can't change the facts. He's leaving. He's still seeing him. He's stuck with her. He's really just like that. He's too busy to keep in touch. He's fucking around cause he believes he can't help it. He's avoiding me cause he remembers how fucked up he treated me as one of his friends.

She's with him. She's in the United States. She's getting married this May. She's happily forgotten me. She's probably able to fly without my help now. She's passionately in love. She's grown up. She's found her calling.

I'm just an acquaintance. I'm giving up on them. I'm going to the United States and not coming back for a few years. I'm working at ABS-CBN Global and am going to enjoy it. I'm not attending. I'm wishing them well. I'm laughing at the obvious infidelity and impressed at the guile it is performed. I'm not going to be hosting the wedding. I'm worried about the apartment. I'm still doing Diliman. I'm not going to care about what they think anymore.

In a nutshell:
Its impressive how many threads of interconnections with other people one's life truly has. Funny how most don't fucking give a shit about that fact.

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