Tuesday, April 19, 2005

No... no... no...
I can't believe how emotionally affected I am about my friend at work leaving this Friday. I mean, its not like I won't be in touch anymore. We're good friends and we'll still be able to keep in touch and all that. But I guess I've always been someone who truly values the presence of friends and in many ways I feel sad that things have to change to some extent.

Been having trouble even just being face to face with the person, would you believe that? Drama and all.. eyes getting weepy... sigh. They say the world is such a smaller place thanks to the Internet, which in many ways is true.

But when it comes to having a good friend no longer be around anymore... not even instant messaging and cheap cellular rates make a difference. The distance is still there.

On another issue
"I can't be in touch with you anymore. But _____________ let me still be friends with _________."
Figures. One tried to be helpful and supportive. The other, well, gets what he wants. And its the good guy who finishes last. Figures.

Ho well.. good bye then. At least now I have my freedom.
And the inspiration for more stories to write.

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