Monday, March 28, 2005

After some reflection last Holy Week, I've come to some realizations.

There will always be suffering so long as they are people who do not
care about others more than themselves.
There will always be happiness so long someone chooses to care for
someone else more than themselves.
There will always be tears be it tears of happiness or sorrow.
There will always be Love because God and Love are both eternal.

Had a quiet and somber weekend, with some time spent in prayer, some time spent with my parents and some time spent with my friends. Best of all, I had time to spend with my inner child and had a talk.

My inner child says I've grown up more in the last two years than I have in my whole lifetime. And that it wasn't the good growing up. It was the "growing up means to give up believing in ideals and dreams" kind of growing up. After beating me up with happy memories and tying me down with a wonderful dream, I woke up and realised how right my inner child was.

So now I'm on a mission. I'm going to try to do the creative little things I have neglected for quite some time again. Like my online comics (Definitely. Bangungot and Diliman. Nearly Forgotten will die for now. I think). Or my theater scripts. Even better, my papers and stuff to be admitted to either NYU or USC so I can get back on my feet and work on my Master's Degree (and break into the film industry abroad). I have to win that Oscar soon. My
parents would love to have it for their Anniversary.

As a side note, thanks to Michelle for buying Love and Heartbreak! Its still available at Comic Quest, if anyone is interested. Love and Heartbreak #2 should be done soon.

I hope.

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