Monday, February 14, 2005

It is officially Valentine's Day
And I can't seem to fall asleep. I decided to go blog-hopping to check on how my friends, my wish-we-were-friends and my wish-i-could-be-more-like-you friends were doing and instead found myself suddenly thinking about how my love life, so to speak, has been these past 27 years. On hindsight, I realised I had a lot of unclosed books with people who chose to instead alienate me rather than properly end things. I had a few old romances that turned instead into wonderful friendships. And I had a lot of broken hearts that became avenues for these people to just take advantage of my willingness to be friends still.

It is sad.
But it is how things are.
So many people stupidly do not believe in love, and sadly, even more fall in love with them. So many people are in love and yet know they can never truly display it to the world. So many people are needing to feel loved and yet cannot show their weakness. So many people who do love and are never seen as worth the time.

Happy Valentine's Day.
If you know love and have it, be proud.
Be happy.
Be loved.

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