Monday, February 14, 2005

Bombings in the Philippines Again

Explosion rocks bus in Makati City; 3 dead
Posted 07:38pm (Mla time) Feb 14, 2005
(3RD UPDATE) AN EXPLOSION went off inside a bus at the foot of the Metro Rail Transit's Ayala Avenue station in Makati City, police said. (snipped) ... at least three people were dead. (snipped) The Makati blast came just minutes after two explosions rocked the cities of General Santos and Davao City. (snipped) Abu Sayyaf spokesmna Abu Solaiman is quoted that the bandit group was behind the blast. (snipped) ...their "Valentine's gift" to President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

I don't know what to say. Part of me just hates the fact these militant insurgents have to target ordinary Filipinos who are struggling to handle their day by day trials. If they have a problem with the way the government is run, why the hell do they have to strike public commuters and bus stations? You believe the government corrupt enough to warrant having a militaristic rebellion against it, fine. But please, targetting innocent civilians (or maybe even complacent civilians) in no ways gives you support or compassion.

Some are wondering if this is actually THE government's doing. Or at least by some members in the administration who believe by doing these incredible acts of cruelty and evil, they can point judas fingers at the existing militant groups and get more support in their cash cow industries of allocating disappearing budgets to non-existent wars.

I don't know anymore. Both are so credible, its even possible that both planned bombings today and they're all going off with both sides wondering what's happened (e.g. "Uh, we didn't plant those there right?")

Heaven help you.
Cause frankly, I'm going to be one of those who will pray for peace.

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