Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Wow.. Who would have thought...
Faith/Wrath, Morality 7 guy stands above an Aswang who had taken a chunk out of his forearm, shoulder and neck with the hot muzzle of a flare gun inches away from the back of her skull. It is only luck that got him here, as he was moments away from being another corpse in a desert cave full of them. She's crying and cradling the body of her unconscious lover who tried to take out the gunsel's friends. She had been fleeing but after taking a few shots that also spattered on her lover, she stoppped and made a plea for their lives. "Please, let us be, we'll leave you alone!" she howls, crying.

He fires the flare into the back of her head and simultaneously she cries, "We're pregnant!" The flare turns her head into a living Jack 'O Lantern.
by RobNJ from the White Wolf Forums.

Who would have thought we'd see foreigners using the concepts of Aswangs as monsters in the role-playing games to actually come to pass! Heheheh! Mabuhay!

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