Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Today is...
The 29th of December, 4:10pm. Twenty eight hours ago, I arrived to work on three projects. Today, finally, I will be heading back to my apartment to rest. In a few minutes, possibly an hour or two, I will be leaving for Paranaque to spend some time with my family and friends.

In some ways, it is a good day.
Even if I had nary a peep of sleep. Even if my breath probably sticks and my body feels liks slimy salami that's been left in a vat of sisig fat. Even if my eyes now have this tendancy to close at any pont in time I stare at a stationary area longer than five seconds.

I need sleep.
But I don't want to yet.

Haven't had lunch
but I'm not really interested in eating.

Still, since I'm going to be bad and will run a game tonight, I might as well eat. One out of two at least, eh?

Happy New Year.

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