Monday, December 27, 2004

Christmas Celebration ABS-CBN style
Okay, okay... since no one demanded it, I'm volunteering them anyway! Heh. Here are some choice pics of the recent Christmas parties I was in.

(L-R) Marianne, Joey, Jen, Gabby and Me in TGIFridays!

Party people posing with The Showdown of the Global Champion!

(L-R) Marianne, Jen, Gabby, Me as Mr. Suave, Joey as Sayaw Kikay!

(From upper left, clockwise) Rixxx, Me and Joven dancing. Maan leading the song and dance number (notice the multo watching!) The contestants of The Showdown of the Global Champion. Uh yes, I had the biggest tiyan, kaya nga tinago no!

Me an Jen posing with the big bosings!

Let's see if I get their names right: Oli, Me, GOD (GJ actually) and Carlo.

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