Sunday, December 19, 2004

Maybe its just stress
Just went blog-hopping for a bit now that were on a break here at the office. Visited some blogs and suddenly realised I felt left out again. I guess my lifestyle really clashes with the desire to hang out with certain people more often. Christmas parties left and right, and to my surprise, some people whom I have hung with, been friends with, helped through the rough and tumble of their lives pretty much forgot to even invite me over. The thought would have counted.

The weekend was a hyper-exhausting-happy one, but now, it seems to be ending in a more somber mood. Maybe I just am gelling burned out being here in the office for what would be the THIRD weekend in a row. Or maybe its another moment of realisation that there are again more friends whom are demoting into the position of familiar people in my life.

Drama-moment again? Maybe. Or maybe its just that the amount of attention, concern and sensitivity I devote to those I consider friends really goes way beyond what certain others are willing to give me back in return.

I'm too nice.
Too generous.

Maybe next year, I should be selfish.

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