Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Gah. Don't care right now.
Good bye, To Covet.
No one cares anyway.
Dean, I know you do, but right now, I don't feel that's enough for me to write it further. If it were a kid, I'd do the unthinkable. But since its a written thing, I'm placing it back in the brain for incubation.

Thanks for the support.

Another Christmas party
And yes, another song and dance number. Going to have a Gloria Estefan medley to do with Conga, 1-2-3-4 and Get On Your Feet as part of the repertoire. At least this one isn't that embarassing... other than the fact I will be performing it bare-chested while wearing a malong, body paint and beads.

Oh, and a silver-foil covered tambourine.

Yeah, she's engaged. And I'm, well, stuck doing the "Are you okay with that" "Yes, of course I'm happy for her" exchange so often I'd probably be on The BUZZ if I wasn't the nobody I am. Still, I will admit here though that it does feel sort of hard to still hang out with the old office troupe and have lunch with them.

Gah... Never start romances at the workplace.
Better yet, never start romances that you can't actually end with marriage.
Or you can't really give commitments to make them work out in the end.

Ang lapit na
Christmas is so close now, you can feel it everywhere except around you. Well, for me, that is. With work piled so fucking high that I got to be at the office on the 27th to the 29th, I only pray that all this "making the rank and file employees fail to feel the Christmas spirit" gives bad karma to the people it should.

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