Friday, October 15, 2004

Sung my lungs out today
Needed a break from work. Thankfully, John Boy dropped by my office and offered me an escape. It was a great few moments of singing my heart out and just having a blast. Workload kept me from really enjoying the night, but hey, we got to grind what keeps the bills away, eh?

Also, received a text from an old classmate named Lolit who heard I am releasing a "book" soon. It was very... heart-warming to know she still believed in me that much. I don't know. Maybe its been a while since someone really honestly just complimented me for my art and craft. And admitted seeing me reaching further than where I am now.

A lot of my friends do that, I admit. Sam, Seth, John Boy, Aldwin, Carl.. Even Dean, Vinnie and a bunch of other really cool dudes (like John, Jeffrey and Ner) do too. But I guess what made it different was that it was coming from someone whom I rarely hung with and wasn't even into comic books.

Those moments really just strike you hard and tell you, "See! That's what everyone believes about you! Stop moping!"

So, yes, I admit it. I guess I do have those drama queen moments (and I am capable of typing this confession online for the world and my soon-to-be-sober self to see) but I always believed it was more of me being humble and honest about how much there are so much better people out there. I mean, looking at the same list above, Sam could Storytell a game that would give me a run for the money. Seth is incredible when it comes to keeping computers running as well as making stories about anti-heroes. John Boy? Naku, I still pray for the day I can write better than him. The same can be said for Dean and Vinnie. Aldwin is simply someone whom I wish I had his sense of self and honesty. I mean, he's one guy girls are dying to find in this world. What's wrong with you all!??!? Carl.. my god. He's the guy who got me believing I can make comics. And thanks to him, Diliman, Wan, Bangungot and my 24-hour comic actually got online. Ner is the guy whose art still carries a dynamism and impact I wish I could somehow capture. John and Jeffrey, they're more strangers than people I really know, I will admit that, but I'm sure there are things about them I would be a better person if I were to emulate.

I guess, the point of this long post is this:

I know I can be a bastard. And a bitch. And I can be difficult. And demanding. And I can be annoying pathetic. And overly complicated.

Thank you for standing up with all that and still telling me I can do it.

*On hindsight, I am sure i have missed a lot of other people whom I should thank. Like James, Angela, Joey, Puting Tikbalang and a host of others who always offer me supportive words. Like my parents and family who have NEVER not been there for me when they could be. For Marco, my best friend whom I have sadly grown distant to yet hope that when we find ourselves meeting again after years, will realise no time has really passed.. etc... etc... My apologies that my beer-addled brain is unable to remember you all right now. But I thank you nontheless for all your support and your friendship.

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