Monday, September 13, 2004

Happy Birthday, Mom!
My mom celebrated her birthday this 12th of September. As we always did, friends, siblings and other guests were snuck into the house to greet her at the turn of midnight. Being the usual guy awake at the house at the wee hours of a week end evening, I got the people into the kitchen, then headed to my parents' room to tell my dad everyone was in place.

Horrors! My Mom was actually the one still awake! Feigning I plugged the microwave in the wrong outlet, I got my mom riled enough to rush to the kitchen and shriek in surprise as the guests poured out and sang her a Happy Birthday!

Pictures to follow!
For now though, here's my mom:


On gaming,
Orpheus continues to Shades of Gray
With Sam and James moving the plot forward, the Orpheus game approaches the next major installment as the crucible discovers that the Spectres, the assault on the company as well as the mysterious Uriah Bishop may all be inter-connected into one major conspiracy that a government agency had spin into being.

Another Matrix-wannabe nWOD playtest
In hopes of getting more used to the new World of Darkness system, the there of us went for another playtest using the Heroic XP levels this time to represent Matrix charcters. This way, we were testing the ultimate limits of human potential in an attempt to get a feel whether the human limits could still achieve near-superhuman accomplishments. End result: a 'pseudo- 2nd Neo incarnation' where Niobe and a female Seraph attempt to get a more clueless Neo away from chasing Agents as they speed down a major freeway. We got car crashes. We got Niobe shooting a gun man from a helicopter descending low enough to shoot. We got Neo firing an SMG in hopes of blasting a helicopter off the air. We got motorcycle hijinks as Niobe steals Neo away from a police station. We got Neo actually hitting Agents with his pistols (whom I gave a Defense 8 regardless of whether the attack was a Brawl, Weaponry or Firearms move) And in the end, we got Seraph spinning the car to toss an Agent away. We got Seraph ramming against cars to escape a school bus teeming with Agents. And we got a failure ending as Neo and Morpheus find themselves the ground zero of a police helicopter that crashes itself upon them.

Man.. the system rocks though!
It really does!

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