Monday, September 20, 2004

Had another nWOD playtest this weekend.
At first, the playtest was a moody one, with three humans going through the strangeness of a world where things aren't perfectly normal. A figure skater loses his partner in a weird obssession-borne stabbing. An artifact restorer has an unwanted encounter with an ex-boyfriend. And a martial artist student sees his mentor's dojo gunned down by the Triad and is forced to deal with a his typically messed-up family.

But when breakfast came along and exhaustion seemed to creep into my brain, I had to apologise to them all and transform the game into another playtest, this time, using the new VAMPIRE: THE REQUIEM rules that I got from them. With the figure skater becoming a Daeva, the artifact gal a Nosferatu and the martial artist a Mekhet, I sicked upon them a crazed vampire each (using the template for the Belial's Brood sample in the book). Fangs bit. Fists punched. Knives shimmered. The Noferatu's Chimestry-Presence-Dementation discipline Nightmare proved to be terribly effective. Vigor and Celerity made nice combacks with new systems that don't quickly break the game. Though the system for Predator's Taint really messed up the game quickly in the start with the fights turning into "frenzy" partners, I liked how they added a "Highlander-ish" feel to things.

All in all, the game hinted at the fluid system (over 24 turns in 2 hours of gaming!) and the more realistic demand for being aware of how you accomplish your actions.

nWOD and Vampire: the Requiem look like they'll be winners!

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