Saturday, August 07, 2004

Happy Visits
Had some guests over the week at work. Though the toil of laboring over commercials, product advertisements and the like can be taxing, it is on moments like these that the load feels less painful to bear.

The charming and witty Broderick.
An old friend of mine back in college named Brod visited me at work last Thursday. We chatted about old times, about money and about having to find the right job and all that jazz. It was funny how when we were trying to recall all those people whom we used to spend hours with in the university were suddenly all so out-of-touch with everyone else. Some, to my knowledge, maintained ties with their own little cliques. Others, sadly, chose to detach themselves from everyone else. And then there are people like Brod and myself who just want to catch up on old times and chat around with friends.

Posing beside a Gem.
Gem worked with us back when I worked on my first commercial for a brand called Sarimanok One. Back then, I was still wondering how well she could pull off what we were expecting of her considering unlike the other commercials I had worked on with my Creative Team, Gem wasn't some numerous-digit talent of ABS-CBN. Still, her audition showed immense promise and her perkiness just won us over.

No regrets at all. Now, she is pretty much THE face of Sarimanok One, and thanks to her over, 1 million long distance minutes were actually consumed by customers in barely two months time. She also appeared in That's Entertainment in the past and was in the "Hot Hotta!" Coke promo commercials too. I'm happy to have met her and I am happy to have been part of her working life. What's best is when we bump into each other, its like two best friends meeting all over again and realising how much there is to talk about.

Fire-Drill and nothing's burning...
...but our deadlines. Pictures and some anecdotes on that next time. I left my pictures at my office computer.

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