Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Got listed in a blog today unlike any other
Calling itself Filipino Comic Book Portal, the blog features a huge list of links to existing Filipino comic creators. Grabe, this is a really good idea and I do hope it gets featured somewhere soon so it can help the struggling local comic "barely an industry" grow someday. Good work, Woofydogg! You should get a medal for this!

I'll probably add you as a character in one of my own works as a show of thanks. :-)

And another!
Also got listed in Abono which was a second pleasant surprise. Well, that's what I heard from a friend online. Of course, if it turns out I wasn't and my friend Nthan15 just imagined he saw my name there, okay lang yon. I'll just embarassingly have to live with this post for the rest of my life. Heheh.

Maybe I am slowly getting to where I hoped as far as local comics are concerned.
Maybe I am slowly earning recognition for my work.

Or maybe I'm just choosing to be happy even if deep down I know I'm barely "a toe" in as far as being a real comic book artist/writer is concerned.

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