Friday, June 11, 2004

After probably clicking the NEW POST button over twenty times today, I finally can post a new post.
What can I say... work is still hell, the new computer Seth set up for me is going well, although the DSL service is fucked up. I can't access,, or even get a fucking Yahoo! game to work. Almost 80% of the links I click other than Yahoo and Google itself don't work unless I press Refresh or restart either the browser itself or the computer. I totally forgot to find some way to back up my Favorites nor did I save a back-up copy of my Photoshop files. And lastly, Priston Tale keeps getting a "cannot connect to server" error.

So all in all, I got a great faster new computer.
And lots of other things that seem intent on ruining my mood.

In an attempt to lighten things up though, here's a 1.2MB gif file made by my officemate Joey. Do wait for it to fully load before you view it. Its best once its completely up and running. Page here. Does any one know how to get the file size of this thing smaller? (ignore this. see above post)

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