Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Scenario 2:
You have accomplished pretty much everything except the invitations now. You have been given the go signal to accomplish them. They are due for distribution on Thursday. It is Tuesday and you realise that tomorrow you will probably not go home any time early to accomplish all your necessary work. You finalise everything else you can do for the day and suddenly you receive an e-mail stating, "Just to remind you, you have to create the ribbons for the awardees okay?".

And you stop and realise there has not been any mention of any ribbons from the time the project began til today.
And you realise that they will not buy any of the necessary materials to create the ribbons.
And you realise you have never fucking created a fucking ribbon in your entire life.
And you realise you have no choice but to manage it anyway, along with the workload that is enough for three people to handle at the same time.

What do you do?

Me... I'm choosing to remember this incident as grounds for expecting a promotion. Add to this the fact that again (I sort of remember someone telling me once lang daw) I will have to handle production work since there aren't enough producers to do the job. Jr. Graphics Artist who Art Directs, Produces and handles some Managerial duties. Bigyan ninyo naman ako ng promotion o.

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