Sunday, June 27, 2004

Sunday Winding Down
With Sunday winding down, I scoped a copy of Around the World in 80 Days of Jackie Chan and finally got a copy of Resident Evil: Outbreak for the PS2.

So far, the new Jackie Chan movie is turning out to feel like a mix between Shanghai Noon and Moulin Rouge with a touch of some interesting animated segments to interlock varying locations in the world. Although there was some generous creative adjustment involved with the plot, I liked how it is turning out over-all so far. Although I opted not to finish the movie for now (the need to go to my PC won over the urge to see how the story pans out), I would still recommend it for those who are seeking for a fun action-adventure flick.

As to Resident Evil: Outbreak, well... it still doesn't really compell me to try it as much as having a new installment of Silent Hill would have, so I haven't really tried playing it yet.

Silent Raving
Yes. I love Silent Hill. I'm sorry but I do.
Heck, if it were possible, I'd actually run more Silent Hill RPGs but its hard to capture the mood and play those sort of games unless you got players who really are game to get scared. Now, if you know anyone who is more curious to know more about Silent Hill's world, I'd recommend you check out The Silent Hill Encyclopedia which has a good encyclopediac resource on the concepts, myths and ideas behind Silent Hill. Then there's Silent Hill Network which has transcriptions of all the memos, endings and characters in the four games so far.

Silent Hill...
Such a beautiful place...

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