Saturday, June 26, 2004

Saturday at laaaaaaaaaaaaaaast...
Getting prepped for the coming Orpheus game, and I have to admit, I am excited. Been mapping out mentally the plans for the game for nearly a week and tonight is the night I spring it upon my players. I do hope this game goes well.

AY SHEEEET wala nga pala si Sam. Waaah.. he's been the best player for the game so far. Too bad he won't be present for it this weekend. waaaaaaaaaaaaah.....

Bye bye City Hall
With my Dad closing shop at Paranaque City Hall, life will be a tad different now that he doesn't have to worry too much about public safety, health and all that jazz. At least now he can spend time being a father, a husband and a really good golfer who scores at least one hole-in-one per year. My mom is a tad sad about it, but me, I think its good. Dad has been serving the city for so long its easy to see now all the crap and plastic people that live in Paranaque. Being able to tell who were the real people with real hearts was good. Now it is time to separate from those users and live more fulfilling lives with people who truly care.

Seeking Spa
Gawwwwwwwwwd I need a trip to the spa. Need to get my damn muscles kneaded a bit. So fucking tired I feel like an elephant sat on me while masturbating to ostrich porn or something. Anyone know a good clean spa with a good view?

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